02 May 2021

How To Authenticate Everything with Zapier - Part 2: Marketo

While Zapier has a native connector to Marketo, the native connector is very limited in the scope of what it can do in Marketo. Use Zapier Webhooks to send some of the commands via the API, directly.

01 April 2021

How To Authenticate Everything with Zapier - Part 1: Salesforce

Send API commands directly to SFDC from Zapier via Webhooks and free yourself from the limitations of the native connector!

25 March 2021

Marketo UI sidebar defaults to RTL? simple fix [Hacks]

Marketo recently started showing their sidebar in the opposite direction, as if they were supporting Hebrew. It is however, annoying, as they base their UI

24 December 2019

Simplicity - The Key for Building Your Sales and Marketing Stack [Strategy]

The mess of building a sales and marketing stack Throughout the years, we have seen several types of companies: Those that did not have any

23 December 2019

Sample Data File [Hacks]

I've recently created a sample data file containing 100k records with randomly generated names and companies. Such file can be useful for testing data-manipulation tools,

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