25 March 2021

Marketo UI sidebar defaults to RTL? simple fix [Hacks]

Marketo recently started showing their sidebar in the opposite direction, as if they were supporting Hebrew. It is however, annoying, as they base their UI

24 December 2019

Simplicity - The Key for Building Your Sales and Marketing Stack [Strategy]

The mess of building a sales and marketing stack Throughout the years, we have seen several types of companies: Those that did not have any

23 December 2019

Sample Data File [Hacks]

Update 09-22: I would recommend to use a service like mockaroo.com [https://www.mockaroo.com] instead, for your daily dummy-data requirements :) I've recently created

25 November 2019

Winning reports with Google Sheets and G-Connector for Salesforce [Hacks]

I’ve recently asked by a team member to provide a list of people that combine Lead and Contact objects, filtered by a common denominator.

21 August 2019

Filling the Marketing Automation Voids [Hacks]

There are many things that your Marketing Operation platform just not focused at doing – and this is where you need additional tools that allow you to automate and scale whatever your MA platform can't do for you.

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